3 American stocks went down on big sales drops

The week was full on different events, the euphoria from presidential elections in France, the scandal with Comey’s departure signed by Trump, English and New Zealand banks’ decision to keep the same interest rates as they had, and strong prices for commodities.

China has lost and found its increase on the worries of investors about the productivity and capability of the national economy.

MSCI Asian-Pacific broadest index outside Japan has shown four days of enormous increase, and on Friday it went 0.2 percent down, still keeping 1.5 percent of income for the whole week.

Australian index lost 0.8 percent. And Chinese market gained 0.7 percent at the same time, right after its national bank made its move.

The global strategist Sean Darby says that there were a lot of worries about China this week.

Japanese index Nikkei has lost 0.4 percent, while investors took away the gains, right after it passed 20 000 milestone in the middle of the week. It is the biggest gain in two last years. The week is finished for Nikkei with 2.3 percent of income.

Meanwhile, American stocks have lost the ground yesterday in the evening. It happened after few big stores in the USA published the worse situation in the drops of sales that were expected by analysts. The political uncertainty and scandal with Donald Trump do not help indexes to increase. Top American senators and the current head of the FBI Andrew McCabe promised to continue Comey’s investigation of the ties between Trump and Russia.