And still, they are closing the week with the gain. In general, the week was successful for the Asian market. Even after it stocks stuttered at the end, due to the Wall Street’s downbeat results, there is still the strong weekly increase.

Meanwhile, the European market is expected to open flat like German DAX and French CAC or a slightly higher, as in the case of British FTSE, right after the meeting of English National Bank, and their decision to keep the same interest rates.

The leading analyst at the market, Michael Hewson, as many of his colleagues believes that the European Union still in the optimistic mood after all main political risks were removed. According to him, it is very ironic to see the decline or flat openings for European main indexes, while it still could enjoy the euphoria from French presidential election.

At the same time, Friday’s trade was ended not so well for Asian-Pacific main index MSCI outside Japan. It finished the four days of gains and went 0.2 percent down. Perhaps it did not manage to pass the two years threshold. However, its weekly gain is 1.5 percent.

Australian index lost 0.8 percent, following the financial problems in the country. And its trading partner Shanghai Composite has earned 0.7 percent after Chinese bank has decided to inject the funds despite all the worries of investors. This move gave the new hope to the traders and create the feeling of stronger than expected economic and financial situation of the country.