Dead chickens hang in front of workers at a slaughter house in Shanghai, China April 12, 2013. REUTERS/Stringer/File Photo

Both countries will expand their friendship, by making the trade in chicken and beef, and also raising the access for the financial companies. It is the part of big plan to cut the deficit in trade between China and the USA, according to the statement of Wilbur Ross, the Commerce Secretary of the USA.

It is the first but perhaps not the last results of one hundred days of talks about trades that started right after the meeting of Chinese President Xi Jinping with the USA President Donald Trump last month in Florida. They meet with each other to talk about possibilities of the trade cooperation between the countries. These two biggest economies in the world are interested in the tightening of trading relations.

Both of them agreed with the Chinese proposal to allow beef imports from the USA. The deadline was 16th of July, and it seems that the USA is ready to make the intentions reality.

At the same time, with the same deadline, American officials have agreed to let Chinese already cooked poultry to come in the USA markets.

China has agreed to allow American payment services to get licenses there. It is a big step for China, since their UnionPay system was almost monopolist at the market.

Conversation with China became the latest international trade action of the USA since Donald Trump took the office at the beginning of the year.

During his campaign Trump has promised to stop all the trade relations with China and others. He said that these countries made unfair deals with the USA.