1 Dollar index stood flat ending the week with the gain

Political problems, like the recent scandal with Donald Trump and his decision to fire James Comey, the former head of FBI, usually make an impact on the investors and their intentions to make risks. While investors have their fears about Trump’s ability to keep his promise for the taxes cut reform, they are going to act more carefully, which will affect the market.  And we already noticed the first signs of it, with the new losses of Wall Street indexes.

Another problem that made its pressure on the financial market was revealed yesterday by the big stores which dropped the sales.

Meanwhile, prices for the products rebounded even more than it was predicted on the last month. It seems like there is going to be the biggest gain in five years if the situation will not be changed significantly. Pressures of inflation are rising.

Central Bank of America has promised to increase the interest rates during their last meeting, and if they will keep their word at the next month’s gathering, investors will be satisfied and confident in the strong economy once again.

Another problem is low Treasury yields. Today, 10-year Treasury yield benchmark stood at the 2.382 percent during the trades in Asia, which is lower than 2.400 percent in the American operation. Only yesterday it touched the highest number in the last six weeks and was equal to the 2.423 percent.

Dollar main index was equal to the 99.622, with one percent gain in the week.