And after everything budget airlines have come through, they still can’t rest even for a minute. Another scandal has happened on the plane of United Airlines. The flight to Ecuador from Houston was postponed last Thursday after on the board of the plane appeared the scorpion.

While he definitely wanted to take this flight, this time no one complain about his departure.

It is not the first scorpion’s case for the United lines in the last month. The first one climbed on board earlier in the month.

In the official statement, the company which only a few days ago assured all the country that the level of personal safety of their passengers increased significantly, said that scorpion could be brought on board hidden in the passenger’s cloths.

The passenger is ok, examined by paramedics. It is unknown, whether airlines crew found the scorpion or not. After 3 hours delay, the flight went to the Ecuador.

The company has shared the official statement on Thursday. They said that customer who apparently had the scorpion on clothes did not get hurt, and it was confirmed by specialists. The customer refused to receive further treatment, and the flight was rearranged with him on board.

The company has officially apologized for the delay and granted their passengers for waiting with free meal vouchers.

At the beginning of April another passenger was stung by poisonous scorpion on the flight from Houston.

The reputation of the company is under the huge threat, since April 9, when one of the passengers was dragged from the flight and left with broken teeth and concussion.